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"WHO IS A BRAZILIAN " Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya

Posted on March 14, 2017 at 7:00am 0 Comments

                    When I arrived Brazil through Rio de Janeiro in the mid 90s. I thought I had transited in a wrong country not knowing I had actually arrived my destination, but still didnt believe it wasnt a wrong choice coming to a country where nobody cared for nobody, I thought I could easily see the lions and the monkeys playing around the streets of Rio de Janeiro as it was always  on the television in Africa sometimes in the 80s, as I walked through the immigration stepping out of the airport,, I immediately looked by my side if i could  see the soccer legend " Pelé" playing football with naked women in the jungles but to my surprise, I realised the news on the African dailies about Brazil were all false. The Brazilian people I later came to know are happy people, with no  time for sad moments,, every new day to a Brazilian appears better than the other. The history had it that even after the arrival of the portuguese to Brazil where they met the Indians already living in…


UMBANDA RELIGION.......Brazils combination of three cultures including AFRICAN gods by Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya

Posted on March 10, 2017 at 10:21am 1 Comment

   Though formed from three cultures which represents the Brazilian face; The white, Black and Indian population. Umbanda, Embanda, Allabanda of the kimbundu language of Angola, meaning "magic"or"art of healing"or worship by which the priest healed and"mbanda" means" Beyond"-where the spirits live. Umbanda was  considered  religion created in november 15, 1908 having some followers of the teachings of Allan Kardec present at the very first meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil along with the 17 year old Zelio fernandino de Moraes who later sat along with the spiritualist of the followers of Alla Kardec at the session in the Spiritualist federation of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, after a manifestation of two spirits considered inferior aos the kardecistas, Umbanda became a newly created religion of all

  Umbanda, a religion of cult material, based on mediumship,  rituals and liturgies practically similar to candomble another african religion but quite different for having mixed other…


BRAZIL,the road to Africanism

Posted on March 9, 2017 at 10:07am 1 Comment

     Hardly would you notice any difference living in the city of Salvador da Bahia, Brazli from any other African city, the  culture and traditional renderings  at every of your seeings and doings will obviously abreast you as to your daily citings and doings at every of the Black  African cities

   As a Yoruba man from Nigeria and with almost three decades in Saopaulo Brazil, I will rather relate to this land as my true Yoruba land than living in the real and blessed Africa where the original culture and tradition of our people are stylishly fading away without any perception of the hazards it could cost the nearest genaration, this constant control and domination of the European modernity in our culture and tradition is becoming a situation we all have to be concerned about, this generation are seeing  europeanism as answers to our politcal social problems thus affecting our culture and tradition.

  Though our musics, theater and visual arts has been fantastic…


ITS CARNIVAL TIME.....lets dance it all together ....Matthew adeyinka Olaiya

Posted on February 21, 2017 at 8:25am 0 Comments usual, our annual carnival, 2017 has started taking over the streets of Brazil , welcoming people from all over of the world, lovers of arts and culture are arriving the venues to come dance the festival of arts and culture with us in Brazil,

   Arts at its fullest, samba schools are ready to display the best they have for the year, visual and performing artists are at work, arts and artist at the academic level , all hands working to design the festivity as it is always done every year to attract the looks of the art environment,

   Salvador da Bahia has the street and stage samba while the state of Saopaulo has the popular Anhembi league show where positions are necessary after every display, the Rio de Janeiro can boast of the Sapocai, very similar to the league in Saopaulo, but mind you, any bad positioning can lead your samba school to a lower class display in the following year , just like the premier ligue or rather the Brazilian Brasileirao.



ARTS, ARTISTS AND CRITICISMS.....the facts behind it.

Posted on November 22, 2016 at 10:02pm 0 Comments

    Quite difficult to understand why most artists are inborn critics, either or not, a painter , sculptor or even a dramatist would always find it difficult and as heavy to praise the renderings of a fellow artist, a proffessional colleague. would only accept the proffessionalism in each of the art practices but the proffessional involved in most cases  becomes an object of criticism even if the works are obra mestres, these attitudes are common, not only during the learning days but also as proffessionals finding a space in the art environment

   Nigerian art proffessionals are good examples of these attitudes, right from the popular Nollywood, the home videos that has included Nigeria among the worlds best rated home video and movie industrires, yet the highest critics are the same proffessionals , most  visual artists in Nigeria are practically all in-born critics, even when not constructives, these attitudes has actually  affected the understanding of arts, making…


The "ISMS" in the Nigerian Arts ....the views of Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya

Posted on October 2, 2016 at 1:00am 0 Comments

............Hardly would you avoid adapting to the popular use of "ISMS" when opting for an Art career in any of the Nigerian Art Colleges , be it  visual ,literary or theater arts, though some "ISMS"  seems exceptional, the invention of ONAISM and ARAISM in the Nigerian art scenario seems different and objective, art education and practices in Nigeria used to be avenues to good competition among  students of several colleges where most are known for their "ISMS"   these are styles of arts,designs and movements, the common idea is likening all styles of arts to the ones of great masters, Claude Monet of Impressionism , Picasso of Cubism,Expressionism, Surialism. the possibilities of "ISMS" in most cases takes away the originality of many ideas ,equating the styles and even the techniques more Europeanized for the mere use of these "ISMS" , either from the conventional  or the invented AFRO/EUROPEANIZED arts and techniques.              My question is, what is new or rather African…


"AFRICANIZED BRAZIL" described by Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya

Posted on September 29, 2016 at 2:00am 0 Comments

    From the look of things , the reality of an average Brazilian is African, not considering the social and economic differences, a simple Brazilain person  is African in all understandings, he attributes every of his doings as equal as to the ways of an African person,, If you would ask me how could i have  reached such a conclusion, i wouldn"t even have to refer you to  "Salvador da Bahia", a state of Brazil,  where the African culture and tradition has been predominant since the arrival of the African slaves right from the 14th and 15century, one time capital of Brazil, a home where most of the African Gods are observed since the inception of this very state of Brazil, all the Gods in the Yoruba Kingdom are observed  , it has led to the creation of a derivated religion called "Candomble", an Afro-brazilian ocultic movement that later became another religious patrimony of the Brazilian people, the Yorubas, the indegines that crosses through litoral coast of the western part of…


"ARTE DE CARNAVAL"....the carnival arts of Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 12:52am 0 Comments

    Not actually until i found myself and my arts matching along the stages of Anhembi and the scenarios of the Brazilian Annual Festival of Arts and Culture, i sat back and realised the impacts i had  acquired working as a Canavalesco at the VAI VAI school of samba under a renouned Brazilian  painter and illustrator, RAUL DINIZ, i suddenly became an artist of all ramifications as i would equally combine arts, history. dance, music and stage construction thus making me a canavalesco. a carnival artist , responsible in designing the arts that invites the whole world to come celebrate with Brazil at Carnival times

   As a carnavalesco, you project a team of about more than a thousand men, women, boys and girls representing your designs, dance, theater and constructions on the stage every year , having to do the best of your designs at every representations during the carnaval display, be it on their costumes, bodies and the theatral performances with  the final intentions of…


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