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Free Angela and All Political Prisoners In Theaters April 5

In Theaters April 5 - Detroit, NY, Oakland, LA, Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta and Chicago - AMC Theaters

In this essential new feature documentary, legendary radical activist Angela Davis speaks for the first time about her 1970s imprisonment as a terrorist and conspirator, which became a flashpoint in the black liberation struggle and turned her into a revolutionary icon.

Few American lives encapsulate the tumult and triumph of the civil rights movement as…


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Frank Frazier, An Extraordinary African American Artist

Frank Frazier, the tale of an extraordinary African American Artist

Black Art can…


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Mississippi Arts Commission's Arts Ambassador Program


I just wanted to let my art friends and art lovers know that I've been accepted as an Arts Ambassador for the Mississippi Arts Commission, I and others who've been accepted will attend training and then we will spread the word about the Mississippi Arts Commission's programs and resources, opportunities, dates and deadlines of programs offered by MAC. We will also volunteer at  MAC events (workshops, conferences, town hall meetings, etc.)


The hope of the…


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Call to Artists & Scholars: 2013 Taller Portobelo Norte Summer Art Colony

The Taller Portobelo Norte Art Colony is a three week summer residency program that attracts a diverse and talented set of individuals to work independently or in collaboration on the continuation of their current projects or the realization of new small works.

The 2013 Taller Portobelo Summer Art Colony is open to emerging and professional Visual, Literary, Musical and Performing Artists in all disciplines, mediums and genres, and Scholars and Researchers…


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Harriet Newby, Wife Of Dangerfield Newby The Man Behind Django

On August 16, 1859. a letter was written by Harriet Newby wife of Dangerfield Newby believed to be the real life story that the character for Django the movie is modeled after. Below is a copy of the letter, a story I want to share with you with the focus of the art work being on the wife. (the text around the piece is the entire letter written below)

Dear Husband. 
 your kind letter…

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This is the title of my latest work. It's based on that feeling intuition. Female intuition in particular. The eyes closed on the model shows how we can be blind to a situation. The open eyes see the reality of a situation. I used my female model because I'm always hearing about female intuition whereas we guys get a gut feeling. Plus women just have that mystique that after all these decades I feel as though I'm still on page one!

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A Celebration of Life - William Tolliver


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Ponder Art Donates "Tiger Storm II" To The Women's Fund of New Jersey

Earlier this month, PonderArt donated "Tiger Sand Storm II" to the Women's Fund of New Jersey's live auction, held during the organization's "Power of  the…


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Painful Truth and Artistic Endeavors

By Jabulani Leffall

As this site and others examines the life and work of Thornton Dial, who I just recently discovered, I am immediately struck by the title of Mr. Dial's exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art: Hard Truths.

As the African diaspora examines a long history of degredation and pain, I think about the hard truths that I myself live with and endure through - this along with what I…


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About William Tolliver #1

At the age of ten, having further refined his drawing ability through the study of books on the human figure, William Tolliver was catching the attention and praise of all who viewed his work.  Though he never drew for profit, usually giving his drawings away to anyone who wanted them, a member of the Vicksburg First Baptist Church finally insisted that Tolliver take five dollars for a drawing he wanted for the parsonage. At which time, Tolliver had reluctantly made…


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First Black U.S. Marshal: The Life and Times of Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves

'Bass Reeves Lawman' by Najee Dorsey…


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Gallery Owner, Artist and Philanthropist, Merton D. Simpson, Sr. dies at age 84 in New York City

It was a terribly sad moment when we received the announcement of Mert's passing. He was so very many good things to so many people that it would be impossible to list all his positive efforts. Mert was a visionary whose interests encompassed a myriad of fields, including American furniture and folk art, African art and African American art. He was a mentor to many and a resource for all. To say that it was a pleasure and privilege to know and work with him is…


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William Tolliver (1951-2000) Remembered

In an age when the rules of art had either been abandoned in favor of an anti-formalist attitude or had been institutionalized in academic study, William…

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Picasso's African-influenced Period - 1907 to 1909: Called the Negro Period or Black Period.

an image

Picasso's African-influenced Period - 1907 to 1909

Picasso's African Period was the period when Pablo Picasso painted in a style which was strongly influenced by African sculpture. This period lasted from 1907 to 1909. This period, which followed his Blue Period and Rose Period, was also called the Negro Period or Black Period.

As Henri…


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Joyce Owens: Artist on Art ~ Local, National or International: an artist by any other name calling

Local, National or International: an artist by any other name calling

Artists live in a battlefield. (Not to trivialize what real soldiers do to protect our country and others around the world.) Artists engage in hand-to-hand, mind-to-mind combat with people who seem…


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