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African-American Fine Art, American Paintings, Contemporary Art & Murano Glass, SAT., OCT. 27, 2012


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Living My Dream: Visual Arts & the Black Diaspora

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Immy Mellin Exhibit at Uptown Arts Center: Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House

Uptown Arts Center gallery will be open both Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 pm 

the artist will be visiting for this last weekend of his show

Immy Mellin Exhibition, the Sharpie King

show runs September 21-October…

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Masters Among Us Aminah Robinson

Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1940.

When she was a little girl, her father taught her how to draw and how to make books from homemade paper and "hogmawg," a mixture of mud, clay, twigs, leaves, lime, animal grease, and glue. The artist uses hogmawg in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. Her mother taught her weaving, needlework, and button work.

From a very young…


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" Art"


     As I stroll my feet through the white sandy beach I get a sense of freedom and heavenly blue freah air, I believe as an Artist I have to exscape the harsh realities of the stressful streets and hood from which I came, I'm fortunate enough to travel outside the United States at times and know the world have corners that are serene and peaceful.  I love being original and authentic in directing a painting to what I feel is a huge market of…


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Art Needed For Motion Film Staring Nia Long Shot In Atlanta Late October

I'm passing on the good news. This may be an opportunity you've been looking for. I have been contacted by a production company interested in art for a major motion film being shot in Atlanta, late October.

SS1 Productions "Addicted" staring Nia Long

Hello. I (Sarah Carter) am a set decorator working on a film in Atlanta. I am interested in presenting artwork to our Production Designer and Director to consider for our project. Send me images of the work that you have available…


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5th REEL BLack Pix: Global Afrikan Film Series

Would you like to travel the world without having to board a plane?

Well, that's our motto at HeTePu Productions, a Non-Profit Afrts & Cultural Education Organization based in Columbia, South Carolina, that uses "Art as a Teaching Tool" to provide Media Literacy Workshops to area youth & adults. We also produce an annual Pan-African Film & Cultural Arts Festival, REEL Black Pix: Global Afrikan Film Series…


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Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine "Black Art Is Buried Treasure"

For art collector John Axelrod, the epiphany came a dozen years ago at a New York gallery show of works by African Americans. The Boston lawyer, now retired, was stunned. "My feeling was, these are not African American artists, these are great artists from the country and period I collect in, and I don't know about them." Today about 90 of the 320 pieces he owns are by African Americans.

That, in a nutshell, is what many black collectors think will happen as more white collectors…


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Faith Ringgold "Under A Blood Red Sky #9" Available

2007 "Under a Blood Red Sky #9" ed. 65/90 27x22 lithograph $5000.00 Courtesy of Faith Ringgold and ACA Galleries NYC. To purchase contact


Portrait of Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold, painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor and performance artist lives and works in Englewood, New Jersey. Ms Ringgold is professor emeritus at the University…


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Occupying Wall Street - Accra Shepp

On September 30th, 2011 I went to Zuccotti Park to investigate the protest that began on the 17th. I was immediately impressed with the energy and the dedication of the participants. The sense that the protest had the potential to be historically significant was overwhelming.

I made an immediate decision to record the protest. I did not have the luxury of waiting to see if the protest would…


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The (Slow but Steady) Integration of the Art World


As many people are aware, the world is not entirely fair to artists, and it is even less so to artists who are African-American. Relatively few art galleries and museums in the United States show the work of African-American artists, creating a problem of invisibility that suggests black artists and their work do not exist.

Some galleries have opened their doors to nonwhite artists, but only a little. "I've heard gallery owners say, 'He's my black artist,' as though…


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a collector

     I collect basses!(the instument)photos,paintings,ceramics,metals.

     any medium...people,clowns,animals playing bass..basses on their  

     own... let me know if you have something I'd be interested in..



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Lee J. Nixon - Artist

Why I Paint

I have a fascination with colors, patterns, and textures. Colors are utilized to establish a mood, symbolize feelings, and convey ideas. Likewise, textural surfaces are employed to form patterns that will enhance the aesthetical experience of the viewer.

I work primarily in acrylics for their versatility as they can be thinned with water and mediums for transparencies as well as applied in an impasto style for textural surfaces. Sometimes tissue paper…


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Visions of Our 44th President

Najjar Abdul Musawwir, Associate…


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Philosophy of an Artist Self

An artist is one who makes or creates. Yet, all artists create from what is created. Therefore, my favorite Artist is Allah (One God).

As an artist and educator, I find the beauty in the theory and practice of artists who understand art making as the endowed power of human expression. The creation is filled with instructing signs in which every artist find his/her story, be it formal, narrative, or…


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Great news My Lastest Art has been Featured on "Fine Art in America"

Hi, everyone my Paintings are really getting alot of attention that I just posted, @

also, I have over 54 comments on my "Monaco" painting, check it out!…


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Precious Fragments

In life things often get broken. We generally discard them when that happens but sometimes there are pieces worth saving. Worthy of a little time and energy to make something beautiful of them.

Polychromed Pit…


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NBAF's International Marketplace This Fall In Atlanta

We are pleased to announce NBAF's International Marketplace will be featured at two Atlanta malls on consecutive weekends this fall.   The International Marketplace will be at Cumberland Mall, Friday, October 5, through Sunday, October 7; andPerimeter Mall, Friday, October 12, through Sunday, October 14, 2012.  


Cumberland and Perimeter Malls are two of Atlanta's most exciting and…


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