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BAIA BEST OF: Self-taught versus education Posted by Karien Zachery

Hello everyone,

My name is Karien Zachery and I'm a self-taught multi-medium artist living in Gardena, CA. One thing I've encountered in the world of professional art is: the difference between the way natural artists are treated versus educated artists. We constantly hear that subjective and really can't be taught or judged. Yet our society is overflowing with beauty contests and cosmetic comparisons. In the same way, there is an established…


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BAIA BEST OF: As a gallery owner, I am interested in how others are keeping the doors open. Posted by Christine McCray Bethea

While I am always happy to rep for emerging artists, I have issues with maintaining a good, diverse art base. I started with mostly Afican-Amereican themes, but felt the need to expand my base to include all kinds of art. Can a black-only art gallery survive in this…


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BAIA BEST OF: An African American Art Manifesto Posted by P. Muzi Branch

An African American Art Manifesto

By Philip Muzi Branch

(This is the unedited version of the article published in

IMAGES magazine, Fall Issue 2005)

Manifesto In Art - a public declaration or exposition in print of the theories…


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BAIA BEST OF: "Is Digital Art 'Cheating'?" by Georgette Jones

Fine art is defined as art that is made solely for the satisfaction of the artist, rather than for commercial purposes. Based on this definition, digital art certainly is in the category of fine art.

The digital art that I have loved so far is that of some of my photographer friends who use great creativity and skill in enhancing their images into exciting and beautiful works of art. Then, there are those that invariably look like they were done on the…


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BAIA BEST OF: To be a "Black" Artist or not? Posted by Kanika Marshall

There is great disagreement among Black artists in Sacramento. We are trying to work more cohesively to be more effective at reaching out to the diverse community in the Capitol of California. But we seem to be stuck on whether "Black" should be in title of what we call ourselves. This my sound like a trivial point but some of feel strongly that "Black art" is what the whole thing is about! To cherish and esteem and proclaim our Black pride to the world.…


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Elizabeth Catlett

In Honor of Elizabeth Catlett: a queen whose dream is our self esteem

April 15, 1915 - April 2, 2012

Elizabeth Catlett conceived and created her art through her love of truth and her love for Black people.

She drew and sculpted the mountains and valleys of our cultural realities. 

She raised our spirits in celebration, 

as she guided us to find comfort in finding…


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Watch our very own Najee & Seteria Dorsey's featured artworks in the Lifetime remake of "Steel Magnolias" TONIGHT at 9/8c!

Watch our very own Najee & Seteria Dorsey's…

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