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Mickalene Thomas: the desire of the other in Hong Kong

Lehmann Maupin NEW YORK HONG KONG…

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Exposition Through Art Exhibit


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Street Art Revolution: Mural Program

Our 'revolution', is to put spotlight on local artist whilst providing the community with an authentic slice of culture 

 The term "Street Art" is defined as 'art created in public venues outside of traditionally…


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I Too, America - Group Art Exhibit and Conversation on Social Justice and Call to Stop Violence Through Art

Opening reception on Sunday, September 11 from 4-8 p.m., Historic Jenkins House, 815 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33402.  For more information, contact Josephine Mulcahy, Director of Development, 561-306-5838.

Click Here: Tickets Free to the Public

Exhibit will run through Saturday, September 17th. …


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Invitation to Camille A. Brown Performance at American Folk Art Museum August, 9th

Dear Members of Black Art in America:

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer!

I would like to inform you of our upcoming program, “Society, Community, and Culture: Ronald Lockett in Context,” being held in conjunction with our current exhibition Fever Within: The Art of Ronald LockettThe program…


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the WORLD is YOURS book

The moment you've all been waiting on.  "The World Is Yours".

As a youth, I read feverishly in the hopes unlocking the potential that made other people become the best at what they pursued in life. Introduce your child to a visually stimulating and mind elevating experience to…


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Moment in the Smithsonsian Anacostia Community Museum

When seeking out great exhibitions to experience in the United States, we know this is a very large territory to cover. Even though this is true, we are aware of the Smithsonian Museums in Wasington, DC. I have been involved in some research for close to two months by way of the African Art Museum's Warren M. Robbins Library, and as a result, I've have been able to connect with the Smithsonian Library system. Thanks to the Head Librarian Janet Stanley at the Warren M. Robbins, I am having a…


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Freida L Wheaton Curates Exhibit in Collaboration with Dance St. Louis



Visualizing Life: Social Justice in Real Time

An Art Exhibition for Dance St. Louis Program…


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Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis

The past week here in Washington D.C. has proven to be rewarding in research source, and teaching development. The research source was the Islamic Heritage Museum with Director Amir Muhammad, and teaching development was a lecture by Ruth Fine, a conversation with David Driskell, and members Howard University faculty at National Gallery of Art.…


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Q&A with Atlanta Singer/ Talk Show Host Jermaine Sain

Q/A:  SINGER/ TALK SHOW HOST, JERMAINE SAIN Tell us a bit about yourself.…


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Update to Protest Over Lack of Black Artist at Art Aids America Exhibition at Tacoma Art Museum


Today we had the opportunity to sit down with staff and Board President of the Tacoma Art Museum, as a response to our Die In at TAM. It was a productive meeting.

We discussed the importance of our action, and the impact it has had within our communities. Not only has it shaped the discussion around the…


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"Hard Edged" at the California African American Museum Explores Geometrical Abstraction

The exhibition Hard Edged features the work of 46 artists and is mentioned as offering an "expansive and exploratory appreciation of geometrical abstraction".  …


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The Gold Rush to Collect Black Art

The New York Times acknowledged, after decades of spotty acquisitions and token exhibitions, American museums are rewriting the history of 20th century art to include black artists. …


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Reflections on Art Basel: Craft and Execution in Art

Faron Manuel

"Artists attempts to convey their ideas as imagery are not always successful; leaving much of the depth that could have been conveyed absent in the 'finished' renderings."

This year there were lots of exciting exhibits to see both in and around Art…


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Meet Boy Wonder Of Electric Jacket

Faron Manuel interviews Boy Wonder of Electric Jacket during Miami Art Basel 2015.…


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The works by South African artist Zanele Muholi at Pulse Art Fair had me wanting more

works by Zanele Muholi on exhibit at Pulse Art Fair during Art Basel Miami week.

Yesterday at Pulse Art Fair during Art Basel Miami 2015 I come across…


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Amiri Baraka Reads Black Art

By: Faron Manuel

Some have argued that the sociopolitical context of the society gives birth to the arts; the counter argument is in the other direction, with art as the antecedent and the sociopolitical state as the consequent... With his work, Amiri Baraka exposed this argument to be a false dilemma. Being that…


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Six Tips for Artists on Selling Artwork That's Collecting Dust in your Closet.

By Faron Manuel

As artist develop in their journey they tend to amass an abundance of their own works, created in various stages of their careers; in moments of trial, experimentation, and refinement.

Due to the relatively crude nature of some artist's earlier works, and lack of some aesthetic qualities and substance found in their latter works some followers and patrons could be slower to appreciate or enjoy an…


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