BAIA's Most Viewed, Shared and Talked About Art Stories and Podcasts of 2015

With this year coming to a close we take a look at the most talked about stories of 2015. In addition to our blog news, we started our PERKULATOR Discussion™ podcast audio interviews.  Here are links to the most popular online stories and podcasts from Black Art In America™ News this past year. Enjoy again or for the first time ...


1.  Who could forget the story of Yasim, the beautiful and successful sister who decided that if she wasn't married by age 40 she would marry herself. This one went viral with just about 100,000 views and over 16,000 shares.  Having Her Cake: The Bride That Married Herself

2. We all remember Fox's first season hit Empire and how we set our schedules around the show to see what art was featured on this weeks episode and what drama would take place this week. Our Art and Empire coverage got over 1600 shares   Art And Empire: #BLACKARTMATTERS

3. The Louisiana sugar cane plantation featuring the work of Woodrow Nash, one of the most successful and popular artists of our time had over 900 shares.   The Whitney Plantation: An Emotional Journey ...

4.  We give some BAIA™ perspective in our recent article covering the demand for Black art that had everyone talking about the November 29 cover page Sunday New York Times article,  Black Artists March into the Museums. Over 800 shares and counting. The Gold Rush to Collect Black Art  (1,344 views / 809 shares)

4.  Omoronke Reeves wrote a commemorative piece for the 40th Anniversary of the Diana Ross / Billy Dee Williams classic, Mahogany. The romantic fashion drama played to sold out shows at several movie houses around the country and had New York City movie theaters running the film 24 hours a day.  At 580 shares read more at 40th Year Anniversary of Diana Ross' Mahogany (A Retrospective)

5.  Faron Manuel come on board as assistant editor in 2015 and his article on Adama Delphine Fawundu features some of the early photos of hip-hop legends. 450 plus shares. Let’s Talk Black Images: An Interview with Adama Delphine Fawundu

6.   They are the face of a new movement coined, #artcollectorism -- defined as: moving from passive collecting, to being actively engaged in the advancement of the art and artists within an individual collection. With over 400 shares we were all interested to learn more about The Winston & Carolyn Lowe Curatorial Fellowship for Diversity in the Fine Arts (Lowe Curatorial Fellowship)

7.   There was a call sent out to redefine not simply the term but the perception of the word "jazz".  In the re-examination of the past we might need to consider artists who are not traditionally considered jazz artists.  After all, music like other forms of art, has been influenced by commerce and the time is now to extract elements from the past and present to create a new mix (308 shares) ... All That's Jazz -- Redefined: Jazz For a New Era (Part One - a look back) 

8.   In the heat of the scandal surrounding Bill Cosby, the Museum of African Art mounted the exhibition, Conversations:  African and African American Artworks in Dialogue featuring works from the art collection of Bill and Camille Cosby.  The public was now placed in a position to consider the value of the art and the artists who created these works rather than scandalous news reports .. More at Bill Cosby: Beyond The Scandal -- there is the question of the art ... (1,138 views / 256 shares)

9.  It began with a critique of the painting, Oriental Sunset by Alma Thomas.  Critic, Blake Gopnik's assessment of the Thomas piece raised questions on the ability of certain art critics to review works outside of the dominating white contemporary art world.  Read Who is Criticizing Whom: A Response to Blake Gopnik (2,071 views / 239 shares)  

10.  What is the role of an artist, of media, of humanity ... it is to act on or to speak out when you see an inbalance or injustice. This story caught the attention of many on a national and local level and had one of the countries top musuems evaluating personnel and their policies. This one comes in at over 200 shares --  Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art:  We will speak for Darius

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