Hardly would you notice any difference living in the city of Salvador da Bahia, Brazli from any other African city, the  culture and traditional renderings  at every of your seeings and doings will obviously abreast you as to your daily citings and doings at every of the Black  African cities

   As a Yoruba man from Nigeria and with almost three decades in Saopaulo Brazil, I will rather relate to this land as my true Yoruba land than living in the real and blessed Africa where the original culture and tradition of our people are stylishly fading away without any perception of the hazards it could cost the nearest genaration, this constant control and domination of the European modernity in our culture and tradition is becoming a situation we all have to be concerned about, this generation are seeing  europeanism as answers to our politcal social problems thus affecting our culture and tradition.

  Though our musics, theater and visual arts has been fantastic since  these decades of constant introduction of africanism in all our renderings even with the westerners still costantly forcing all it could to europeanize our daily doings,  today many of our younger ones are swagas, only to immitate the yankies,the American music and entertament industries thus combining the American and the African lives together in all our Arts.

  Asians are making waves in the African industry as they are proving to be the almighty saviour at this time of political ,social and financial crises in African introduzing alot of financial budgets and social supports to many of the African nations since the Europeans seems withdrawing their financial support due to the elevating shambles tormenting Europe in these past years

  Chinese are taking over the commerce in Africa but will stylishly find themselves in our educational industry if we are still  unable to distinguish the importance of our interest from the looks of the situation, our important centers are now having the chines touches since the westerners are in hard times, schools are now learning and teaching chines languages, financial institutions  now have special sectors to treat china busineses

  All these ideas are good and could help develop any environment, principally in alot of these hunger sticken African nations but altogether should let our culture and tradition be made known, it must not die,it is the heritage of our ancestors,it is our identity, our emblem,our pride, our joy, we need to keep it up

  I commend the good efforts of the Nigerian music and art industries, even with the acceptance of many western ideas but still keeps the Africanism ahead, afterall there are opportunities for all to practise  just as it is done here in Brazil where all cultures  are allowed but the Afro-brasileiros are distinguished with her originality

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Comment by Latoiya Finch on March 12, 2017 at 4:22pm

Nice read.

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