As an artist, collector and Founder | CEO of Black Art In America I'm always interested in how art will be delivered and acquired in the future.

Artkick is an app pursuing a different route by broadcasting renowned paintings and photography into living rooms through the TV. Read more about Art Kick

Having access to work that you would love to own all be it virtually and creating a play list that changes through out the day is pretty cool in private as well as in public spaces. I see several benefits of streaming art via the T.V but will the public be interested in paying for this service when a fee structure is implemented for the premium art which basically means the art images that's available for purchase.

Art via the web has been free ...  -- is this a 'tipping point?

Would you or better yet how much would you pay for art delivered to your big screen ... $.49, $1.99 for emerging artist $79.99 to $199.99 or more for master works never seen by the public ... maybe ... maybe not -- lets give it more time we might be surprised.

At the end of the day as artists, we can't control someone downloading our art images that are in the public domain and displaying it on their televisions or laptops but If we're able to get a percentage of the general art loving public to pay for 'Officially licensed' images then now we're talking about a real attractive revenue stream.

What are your thoughts?

Najee Dorsey

Founder|CEO Black Art In America

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