John Biggers, Elizabeth Catlett and Joseph Holston among Important African American Art now available

"I learned a long time ago that self-dignity and racial pride could be consciously approached through art." — John Biggers

Morning start - John Biggers, 71x36, oil on canvas $200,000. Buy Now

John Biggers's interest in African cultural systems, along with his own experiences in the American South, inform his highly personal aesthetic and contribute to his rich symbolic language. Biggers's images impart layered meanings both as immediately recognizable symbols of everyday life and as spiritual connections to an African heritage. In Quilting Party from the Shotgun Series, Biggers's complex symbology unfolds within the highly patternistic, quilt-like approach to form. Black women symbolize the eternal ancestor and the nurturing womb, and maintain a mystical presence throughout Biggers's body of work. Quilts, pots, kettles, and washboards evoke memories of domestic and spiritual arts performed by African and southern black women. Shotgun houses are icons of southern black architecture, with roots in Africa, via the Caribbean. The two female figures in the 1981 lithograph are echoed in Biggers's major mural Quilting Party from 1980-1981 at the Music Hall in Houston, Texas. 

I have always wanted my art to service my people - to reflect us, to relate to us, to stimulate us, to make us aware of our potential. We have to create an art for liberation and for life. —  Elizabeth Catlett

''The Family'' by Elizabeth Catlett, bronze, 2002, 15 inch sculpture, 2" x 5.25" x 5" wood base, EC (signed in verso on male figure's leg). $43,000 Buy Now

"Letter From Birmingham Jail" by Joseph Holston

 $4500 now $3995. BAIA member price

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