Lost and Found Again: Photos of African-Americans on the Plains

Hosts and guests dressed up for a backyard picnic. (John Johnson / Courtesy Douglas Keister / NMAAHC, SI.

Lost and Found Again: Photos of African-Americans on the Plains

What would otherwise be a local-interest story became a snapshot of history integral to the American experience. 

An untold story of what historians call the new negro movement. Following World War I, African-American writers, musicians, artists and academics across the country sought to promote confidence, dignity and self-expression—a movement that would blossom into the Harlem Renaissance. Read

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Comment by Angela B. Puryear on January 28, 2013 at 8:46pm

So glad I found these glass negatives online and Black Art in America...as a history major smitten with social landscape studies and comparative histories of cultures in the United States.  This has given me lots of ammunition with which to challenge my Face Book and Twitter cronies to learn the truths about their ancestry in America by looking at what Africans who arrived in America first as indentured servants, later made slaves, actually did in the landscape...how they used space in the different regions of the U.S. over time.  Wonderful to read a bit of your site daily, very nice indeed!

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