I have known about Art Basel since my freshman year of college in 2008/2009. Since graduating I have become a full-time studio assistant for the artist Radcliffe Bailey. I was lucky enough to go down this year with him and was able to get into a lot of fairs. The NADA fair, the Untitled fair, and the Scope fair. My personal favorite was the "Untitled" fair, the work was conceptually intriguing and technically executed well. The fair gave the work space to breathe more so than the other fairs I experienced. And the work displayed seemed more "fine art"-ish. Not to downplay the other fairs. NADA definitely had a lot of experimental work and Scope seemed to lean towards a more commercial audience.

Two things that I regret not doing were going to Miami's warehouse district where the local galleries and street murals were displayed.  And secondly, actually making it to the main Art Basel fair, which I heard was extremely overwhelming with art and people. As were most fairs. But, I do believe those to missed experiences were the core of Art Basel. 

I do plan to return in 2014, I am currently saving for hotel fair so that I can go back and experience the things I missed. I'm sure everyone has different opinions on Art Basel Miami. Here are my two cents. I'll maybe even take picture's next time! Hope you enjoyed.

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Comment by eugene on December 17, 2013 at 12:04am

congrads/nice simple overview

Comment by Black Art In America on December 11, 2013 at 12:43pm
Abiose get my number from ur father and call me...

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