EQUIANO in BLACK and WHITE Sculpture by Christy Symington MRBS

‘#OlaudahEQUIANO in BLACK and WHITE #BlackHistoryMonth’ Sculpture by Christy Symington MRBS with invited words by Tontxi Vazquez - London

This body of work brings into question the grey areas between the visual artwork and the accompanying textual information, as well as text within the artwork itself.


3 creative musings written by invited independent artist/curator, Tontxi Vazquez, ‘label’ both the artwork and the artist – semi-academic POV, art critique and spectator informational.  Who wrote it? Who reads it? And to what extent does the rhetoric legitimization and marginalization generate discussion about the West and its ‘others'.  Nowadays, Equiano would be a resounding triumph if media headlines and visitor numbers are the benchmark of success.

The intent by the sculptor Christy Symington is to share the name of Olaudah Equiano. In doing so, create dialogue around the written side of the art world.  What description or 'label' is written about the work that is made, what is written about the artist, who wrote it and where is it seen.  In the broader context it blatently presents Black and White historically and now, unconcealed for honest discussion in ongoing times of manifest racism. 

Taking the opportunity to openly exploit social media through this showcase participation, Christy employs the meme Equiano himself strived for with advocacy as his life ventured from slave to political leader and self published author of the hottest selling book of his time, which was instrumental in bringing about the end of the slave trade. 

Create. Knowledge. Dialogue.

Share: #OlaudahEQUIANO 

Equal benefit from being selected for the 6 month LCN programme, has been the support of exceptional professional development and technical mentoring, as well as access to broaden practice possibilities through skills and business workshops.  Works are being developed through laser and screenprinting and book art. 


LCN Showcase

SPACE 129-131 Mare Street

London E8 3RH



Email: christysym@aol.com

Twitter: @christysym

Instagram: @christysym

Facebook: Equiano My Brother

Tontxi Vazquez Twitter: @slate11



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