Play for Children & Adults

There is much said about play. I have a few opinions to share.

  • Play increases literacy.  Children use words they are learning from various inputs in their world: parents, school, movies, computers, digital games etc. 
  • Play helps adults and children to bond
  • When children play they can call their own shots, practice their techniques and take risks
  • Play is a door to creativity and the super natural.

We want to invite you to see a new and exciting visual art exhibition about play. We have titled the exhibit:

Child's Play 

We will feature

Fort Worth's FIVE MASTERS 

Lead artist John Johnson will be joined by his master artist friends. Burl Washington, Ken Carter, Ladelle Ross and Ron Davis. The exhibit will also introduce a child artist - Ms. Sarah Rogers.  

LOCATION:  The exhibit will be in the Jewel of the Southside of Fort Worth Texas, the Ella Mae Shamblee Library Art Gallery

ARTISTS John Johnson  Burl Washington  Ken Carter  Ladelle Ross  Ron Davis Special guest child artist Sarah Rodgers.

WHERE  On exhibit at Ella Mae Shamblee  1062 Evans Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76104.    

WHEN  The show opens Monday, September 4, 2017—October 27, 2017

ACTIVITIES   Art and Culture Reception: Meet the artists.  Enjoy a special reading of a new book, It Is Good. Get your VIP Art Appreciator autograph and photo with the master artist; when you bring your pre-purchased book or product.    

WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd, 11:30AM - 1:00PM

Hurry don't delay be the first to start your collection with these collectible prints and product.  Pre-order prints and books at:

John Johnson Website; and Burl Washington Website;

$25 VIP TOUR of the Child's Play Exhibition.  Churches, Schools and Groups feel free to schedule a VIP guided tour with a treasure hunt full of fun and prizes.

 VIP Tour of Child's Play $25 Book Now  Feel free to contact exhibit curator Ms. Starks to book your tour 678.755.9830 9AM-5PM

Blog written by Curator for the Armor Bearer MM - Tanya Starks 

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