UMBANDA RELIGION.......Brazils combination of three cultures including AFRICAN gods by Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya

   Though formed from three cultures which represents the Brazilian face; The white, Black and Indian population. Umbanda, Embanda, Allabanda of the kimbundu language of Angola, meaning "magic"or"art of healing"or worship by which the priest healed and"mbanda" means" Beyond"-where the spirits live. Umbanda was  considered  religion created in november 15, 1908 having some followers of the teachings of Allan Kardec present at the very first meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil along with the 17 year old Zelio fernandino de Moraes who later sat along with the spiritualist of the followers of Alla Kardec at the session in the Spiritualist federation of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, after a manifestation of two spirits considered inferior aos the kardecistas, Umbanda became a newly created religion of all

  Umbanda, a religion of cult material, based on mediumship,  rituals and liturgies practically similar to candomble another african religion but quite different for having mixed other ethnic beliefs, mediums are contacted for spiritual messages and services are carried out in the yards, forest ,beaches and water sources. umbanda follows several rituals very similar to the african forms of worships; herbal baths,considered sacred; fumigation with incenses;the use of candles and alcoholic beverages, and the famous passes where the medium "spiritualist" uses the smoke from his cigar or pipes and laying his hands on the body back and all part of the individuals body to cleanse him from all evils that might have been tormenting him

  Umbanda does have this christian theological foundation in the essence of doing charity , but it also has an entire pantheon of African gods through syncretism, which work with seven line that are spiritual vibration bands which is represented and led by a deity. Each line is devided into  phalanges,which inturn is devided into subfalanges,which are devided into bands. Bands cuts into seven legions which are devided into seven sub legions and finally subdivided into seven people

  The first line is headed by "Oxala", originally "Oosa nla" as it is rightly called in the ancient African tribe, Yoruba ,  also called "Holy line" because it covers the saints of the catholic church in general, The second is" Iemanja " "Yemoja" in Yoruba that includes the undines,sea caboclas and other entities related to water

  The third though a bit strange is refered to as East or St john the Baptist is composed of priests, hindus and other indian godS. The  Oxossi line is made up of indians and is commanded by San Sabastian, a catholic saint.

  Now comes the Yoruba gods, african gods" Xango " Sango as it is in the native dialect is also associated with the Catholic saints led by St Jerome, mixed colored people and some black old leaders considered afros while the sixth is" Ogun" associated with another leader St George and the last or seventh lineis African line with another St Cyprian having Africa in details


  Today, umbanda has come to stay and has celebrated over a hundred years of the existence in Brazil, practised among all classes, a religious patrimony of the Brazilian people, a joy that carries along the whites, indians and Africans.


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Comment by Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya on March 13, 2017 at 4:45pm
Shall soon talk on Candomble.another African religion in out

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