"WHO IS A BRAZILIAN "....by Matthew Adeyinka Olaiya

                    When I arrived Brazil through Rio de Janeiro in the mid 90s. I thought I had transited in a wrong country not knowing I had actually arrived my destination, but still didnt believe it wasnt a wrong choice coming to a country where nobody cared for nobody, I thought I could easily see the lions and the monkeys playing around the streets of Rio de Janeiro as it was always  on the television in Africa sometimes in the 80s, as I walked through the immigration stepping out of the airport,, I immediately looked by my side if i could  see the soccer legend " Pelé" playing football with naked women in the jungles but to my surprise, I realised the news on the African dailies about Brazil were all false. The Brazilian people I later came to know are happy people, with no  time for sad moments,, every new day to a Brazilian appears better than the other. The history had it that even after the arrival of the portuguese to Brazil where they met the Indians already living in the amazons they  crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the other side of Africa, the West coast of Africa where they succeeded in enslavering millions of Africans transporting them to Brazil , many were chained with families and children  to Brazil using the famous and deadly barco negreiro and were later re-sold to slave traders in Brazil and other countries in the Latin America. The Africans were next to the original owners of the Americas in the construction and the creation of  Brazil,  though they were slaves but the Indians and the Africans were the races that battled against the machinations of the Europeans to liberate the land from the Portuguese dream killers, though other Europeans apart from the portuguese later joined the oppression , the Spanish, French, and even the English. After the abolition of slave trade in 1888 by princess Isabel, the Africans became significant in the history of the creation of Brazil along with the Indians. The hardtime in Europe after the world war brought many Europeans seeking for better living in Brazil. The Italians, the Japanese who came as refugees after the Hiroshima desaster.the Lebanese traders, the Chinese of which according to some historians  were the first that discovered the Americas even before Christopher Colombo but left immediately. Today, all these cultures are mixed  in every of the Brazilian dailies, making it difficult to define the real Brazilian culture, the annual carnaval of Arts and culture speaks of all traditions from Europe to America and to Africa together with Asia. The question is , who realy  is a Brazilian ? One can see a cross cultural marriages. Undefined racial colors. Indians and Africans getting married and having kids, Japanese married to Indians , mixtures of whites. Blacks and Red indians, the Brazilian literature defines the blacks and the Indian mix as Macunaima, jambo colors. Today, you can't actually give a definition of who is a Brazilian since all cultures and traditions are observed, names are given according to your origem, from the Bulgarian ex president Dilma Rouseff to the Lebanese current President Michel Temer. In a nutshell, the real Brazilian is anyone who admits to celebrate joy, happiness, simplicity , love, affections,  any one who sees no difference in colors,race,traditions,age or whatsoever. If you find yourself fitting in to all these qualities, you are obviously a Brazilian

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